5 Tricks to Keep You Organized in March


I don't know about you, but the first day of the month always feels like a fresh start to me.

Sure, I may feel a pang of guilt over all I did not make time to accomplish in the preceding month, but I find comfort in treating the new calendar page like a clean slate. 

Did you accomplish everything you planned to in February?

If not, don't be discouraged if you feel like you're not on track to accomplish your 2018 goals going into month three. To help keep you motivated, I've compiled a quick list of tips to help keep you stay organized going into March.

1. Review your planner.


Whether you use a physical planner or an app like Google Calendar, the first of the month is always a good time to review what you have planned.

If you have a significant other, or maybe just a super involved roommate, sit them down and coordinate your schedules. It's the easiest way to avoid miscommunications and, depending on how busy you are, the best way to make sure you schedule quality time together.

I personally use a Fringe planner to keep myself on track. Find a similar style here

2. Review your goals.

It's too easy to lose yourself in the day-to-day tasks. Take a moment to review your goals for the year and set smaller goals you know you can accomplish in a month's time.

A few months out from my move to NYC, I sat down and wrote milestones in my planner. One month, I asked myself if I had made arrangements for my car yet. I sold it that same month. Another month, I scheduled in giving my notice at work. Each of these smaller events were helping me to accomplish a larger goal: moving to New York City.

Already accomplished your goal for the year? Use this time to brainstorm some new ones.

3. Buy birthday cards.

Ok, this is a tip I stole from a blog I follow called These Positive Thoughts. It's such a great idea, and for me, it seems so obvious. I love to send cards. I hate that everything we receive in the mail is a scam or credit card offer.

Keep a book of stamps on hand. That way you have no excuse for not sending grandma a birthday card. Small gestures make a difference.

If you don't have time to go to the store, pick up some online.


4. Pay Your Bills

Does this one really need much explanation?

I personally like to get a jump start on the month and not only pay the bills that are due on the first, but look over upcoming bills and schedule them if I don't already have them on auto-draft.

If you haven't already done so, set up your bills on auto-draft. You'll thank yourself later. 

5. Review last month's spending.

Adjust your budget accordingly.

Perhaps you thought you could make it through the month spending $200 on groceries. However, after you reviewed your receipts, you realized you actually spent $250. This doesn't necessarily mean you failed at a goal; it simply means you need to revise your budget for that spending category.

Make it simple on yourself and use a budget app like Mint or YNAB

I hope these ideas inspire you to take control of your month, and by extension, your life. You can't plan for everything, but make it easier on yourself by automating what you can. 

Enjoy your March everyone. 

Kaylee Jones