Make Monday the New Friday


Mondays have a bad rep.

Monday means the end of the weekend. It means another day back at work. It begins with a huge cup of coffee and ends with a reasonable bedtime - not exactly the most glamorous day of the week. 

It's easy to forget there are multitudes of tiny moments to be grateful for every single day. Yes, even on Mondays. 

We take the little things for granted because we've experienced them thousands of times and now consider them normal. 

Take a moment to consider your Monday morning routine. Make note of all the small opportunities for gratitude.

  • Clean laundry to wear
  • The fit of your favorite jeans
  • Hot water for the shower
  • No crying babies on the train for the morning commute
  • For my Oklahoma friends, a working car
  • Good health
  • A stranger's smile
  • The Starbucks drive-thru had a shorter-than-normal line

No matter how small the moment, make it significant by expressing gratitude for it. 

I'll admit, I'm the worst at this. Instead of appreciating how fortunate I am to have healthy hair, I'll focus my energy on frustration over the extra inch my hairdresser chopped off during my last haircut. Instead of marveling at the fact that I live in the city I always dreamed of, I'll complain about carrying my groceries a couple of blocks. 

Fortunately, Monday signals a new opportunity to begin the week with intentions of gratitude. Do yourself a favor and write down 5 things you're grateful for today.

Improve your Monday by updating your mindset. 


5 Things I'm Grateful For This Monday:

1. High Speed Internet

2. My monthly Ipsy subscription - It's amazing how excited a $10 a month purchase can make you

3. Bowls of oatmeal with brown sugar

4. Free workout classes with Shape Up NYC

5. focus sessions




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